"Pauline" by Martin Springett

The piece you are listening to is a musical "landscape" that reflects my feelings about Pauline, the place she lived in and her art.  Usually when I write a piece of music inspired by an author or artists work, it's a way of re-visiting that place and holding on to the original emotion I felt when reading or viewing. This is quite a "gentle groove" compared to some of my other pieces, but that's how I feel about Pauline and the best of her work,  which was gentle but never sentimental.

For those of you interested in such things, this was recorded in Garageband, using an Apex 415 condenser microphone. I played my favorite guitar, a Guild JE55 six string. Recorded at home. If you listen very carefully, at the beginning you can hear my daughter Miriam practising the flute in her bedroom down the hall. Pauline would approve of this little overlap of creative worlds I think.

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