At long last "Blues for Robbie" is finished. This is a heart felt musical tribute to my dear friend and brilliant musician Robbie King. He was an inspiration to me and a generation of players in Vancouver. I am honored to have Ann Mortifee's incredible voice as part of this suite of songs and instrumental pieces. Robbie was Ann's musical director for many years and so it seems fitting that she is a part of this musical journey. Our mutual friends *David Lanz on piano and Wayne Kozak on saxophones also play here, along with a stellar lineup of musicians from Ontario. This music is really about friendship and how one person can make a difference in our lives. I don't shy away from the fact that we lost Robbie too early, and the feeling of loss and what might have been. I think Robbie would enjoy the eclectic mix of styles here, as we both agreed that labels don't suit music. So I have everything from flamenco guitar, beautifully played by Kevin Laliberte , to Alyssa Wright's singing cello. Dalannah Gail Bowen adds her sultry blues voice to "Life Groove" and Mark Lalama, plays a fiery Hammond B 3 . Long time musical partner and percussion master Penner Mackay adds wonderful grooves throughout. The CD will be available from the website on December 8th.

*David Lanz is a pianist and composer of renown. We both knew Robbie in that collective madness known as our youth. Even then David was writing brilliant  pop songs for the band "Brahman" that Robbie led in the early seventies. David has gone on to enjoy a stellar career as a recording artist and performer. You can hear more of his music here !

Listen to Lifegroove

Listen to For A Moment

2007 Martin Springett. All rights reserved. Legal Notice


Martin Springett / Composer / acoustic guitar
Kevin Laliberte / Flamenco guitar / palmas
Rahlen Sullaphen / Acoustic bass

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