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Martin Springett Performs at "Music Under the K" Music Festival

Martin Springett took the stage immediately following the popular Wailin' Jennys, a tough act to follow to be sure. However, Martin's brilliant guitar playing soon had the audience entranced. He opened with a number called "Life Groove" which built on a funky lick that Springett punched into his loop station (a device that records what the musician plays as he or she is playing it). Over the recorded lick he added a layer of rhythmic chords. Martin then played an intricate melody over the recorded loops. The overall effect was astonishing.

The next number, "In The Midnight of Her Hair" was more in the nature of a suite than a single tune. With this number Martin used the loop station to even better effect, layering and re-layering loops over which he wove beautifully integrated melodies. The tune moved through several varied and pleasing phases on its way to a dazzling conclusion.

For his final number, Springett played a tune inspired by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings called The Road Goes Ever On. This number was a poignant ballad, both moving and lyrical. Martin showed his voice to be an instrument with which he has every bit the mastery he displays in his guitar playing. The rich guitar chords and the clear, sure vocal tones complemented each other perfectly achieving a remarkable effect.

Martin Springett is a genuine and original talent. Judging from the comments of those present, this was a performance not soon to be forgotten.

Performance review by T. Findlay
Music Under the K Director


Martin Springett is available for musical performances.

For booking information click here to send an email enquiry.

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