Commissioned by Harper Collins U K for a new illustrated edition of "Farmer Giles of Ham" by J R R Tolkien.

The Traveller in Black is the only novel that I have created interior illustrations for.

Twentieth Anniversay Edition of "The Fionavar Tapestry" , released in the U K
Harper Collins Publishers, February 2006.

Inspired by the novel "Bridge of Birds" by Barry Hughart. A private commission.

2007 Martin Springett. All rights reserved. Legal Notice

A Telling of Stars was Caitlin Sweet's first novel, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to create the cover image. As you can see I had a great deal of fun doing so. The novel is filled with gorgeous imagery and I felt very much at home in this world depicting what eventually became a rendering of the heroine's journey.

This novel will appeal to readers of all ages who appreciate the varied delights of Fantasy Literature. The book is published by Penguin Canada and is available in bookstores or online from

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